The world’s first official climate refugees from Tuvalu land in New Zealand

For the first time, New Zealand officials have accepted a refugee application by a family from Tuvalu that cites global warming as the reason they can’t return to their sinking Pacific island nation.

Although there are other reasons why their application was accepted, including their previous time spent living in New Zealand, it is a significant first step towards countries dealing with climate change refugees.

“I do see the decision as being quite significant,” Environmental law expert Vernon Rive told the New Zealand Herald. “But it doesn’t provide an open ticket for people from all the places that are impacted by climate change. It’s still a very stringent test and it requires exceptional circumstances of a humanitarian nature.”

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Where to find the white sand beaches on Corsica island in France

Corsican island beach photos appear to only have white sand beaches, but that’s not the case. There are many beaches that are dark brown, which can be frustrating for some travelers. In order to find the most beautiful beaches, you’ll need to know where to search.

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